Need a Bike?
Here's how it works...
 Come to the
Bike Library on 8th St.

          (1 block West of the Arcata Plaza)

  1 Choose a             bicycle from         the available         line-up
 2 Complete a short        and simple                  check-out                  proceedure
bsite design by Kipp Marzullo
Website design by Kipp Marzullo

Great minds think a bike!
(Mural of Einstein riding out of the time tunnel)_

"Prayer for the Bicycle"
Song by Arcata vocalist Shannon West

Public Service Announcement

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Our Mission

The mission of the Arcata Library Bike Program is to promote the use of bicycles as a safe, efficient and environmentally sound means of transportation. Our  program works to inspire people to incorporate bicycling into a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. We enact our mission by providing bicycles in convenient locations, and providing assistance with bicycle repairs in a learning oriented atmosphere. We also offer free bicycles to individuals who, because of economic situations, would not otherwise have access to a bicycle

Meet the Volunteers

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Surveys and Reports

Read the California Bicycle Recycling Bill

Check out
Anybody’s Library Bike Book at 

(or read the abstract)

 4 Ride off and               enjoy your                   Library Bike for            up to six months
 3 Leave a $20           refundable            deposit