Links to Bicycling related sites

HSU Green Wheels
Green Wheels is a group of people committed to encouraging alternatives to the single occupant vehicle -- biking, busing, walking, skateboarding, and ridematching. They spurred the development of HSU's Bicycle Planning Advisory Document, the Jack Pass universal transit pass, and publish the Commuity Wheel, among other programs.

International Bicycle Fund
This site provides a directory of community bike programs world wide,
as well as a few community bike success stories and discussion theft and liability issues.

Bike Station Coalition
This organization is working to develop a network of bicycle facilities
to compliment and encourage use of public transportation.
Bike stations are located near public transportation facilities and provide
bike rentals, changing rooms and secure valet parking of bicycles.

California Bicycle Coalition
This site provides information on bicycle related laws
and current events as well as an excelent resource link page.
 Institute for Transportation & Development Policy
Promotes people-centered sustainable transport around the globe.

League of American Bicyclists
Promotes bicycling for fun, fitness and transportation and works through advocacy and education for a bicycle friendly America.

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