"From a young age I knew I wanted to pursue the arts.  After experiencing a variety of mediums, I found my interests to be most concentrated in Graphic Arts. 
In 1994 I moved from Wyoming to attend Foothill College in the Bay Area.  Now at Humboldt State, my classes have begun to prepare me for a larger role in this field.  Projects like the design of the North Country Fair Poster not only create challenges to sharpen design skills, but also creates the added pressure to produce a design that  would appeal to the diverse population of Humboldt County.
I feel very rewarded to have had  my design chosen for this celebration.
Each year the North Country Fair sends out a call for poster artists to 
submit their vision of the poster for the fair. For the 25th anniversary, 
we were lucky to have the call answered by a class of talented graphic 
artists from Humboldt State University. There were many great designs 
to choose from and it was a tough decision.  We would like to recognize some of the others who contributed so here are the top three contenders 
in no particular order.




Many thanks to all who participated!! 
To submit an idea for next years' fair;
send it to
North Country Fair
P.O. Box 664
Arcata, CA  95518
or call
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